Access Bank Unveils Twice Bitten Campaign

Access Bank Unveils Twice Bitten Campaign

by Arikawe Femi
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Access Bank Unveils Twice Bitten Campaign


Access Bank, one of Nigeria’s leading banks, has unveiled a new creative slogan to drive its marketing: Twice Bitten?
Bitten twice? But not today; immediately block your account. These statements help Access Bank customers understand what the bank is really saying to them.
Online banking has made financial transactions in Nigeria and around the world much more convenient. The drawback is the presence of online fraudsters.
This has caused many banks’ problems. Access Bank genuinely cares about its clients. Twice Bitten was created as a result of this crusade. But not today; immediately disable your account.
It is also intended to inform Access Bank customers about what to do if they find themselves in this situation, such as if their account has been hacked. Perhaps you misplaced your ATM card. Perhaps the customer’s ATM was stolen, and so on.
Bitten twice? But not today, as the Block Your Account Quickly campaigns advise you on what to do immediately.
This crusade, on the other hand, was announced three days ago. And it has quickly gained traction in Nigeria’s south-west. According to the findings, it is also spreading to the northwestern part of Nigeria.
In terms of the Twice Bitten campaign, Access Bank is working tirelessly to prevent online hacking of its customers’ accounts.
Access Bank, on the other hand, has stated its intention to significantly increase its customer base and deepen the wallet share of the banking population through its agency banking platform in order to improve financial inclusion.
Access Bank agency banking ‘Access Closa’ recently reached a milestone of 100,000 agents currently spread across Nigeria, as the bank plans to expand its footprint by having a minimum of 50 agents in each of the country’s 774 LGAs.
In an interview with journalists Chizoba Iheme, Group Head, Agency Banking, Access Bank Plc, stated that due to the limited number of financial institutions, particularly in rural areas, Access Closa is Access Bank’s strongest retail channel for providing banking services to a large population of unserved and underserved Nigerians.
“Our plan is to bank one in every two Nigerians,” she explained, “as this will increase our customer base and deepen our wallet share of the banking population.”
“Given the high youth and adult population, the resources of Nigeria’s financial institutions are being overstretched in providing physical and human resources and were unable to cope with gaps that existed in meeting Nigerians’ banking needs, hence the need for Agency Banking as envisaged by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in 2013.”
“As a result, agency banking assists financial institutions in decongesting congested branches by providing a matching and, more often than not, convenient channel for their customers.”
“When financial institutions find it difficult to reach customers in rural areas because transaction numbers and volumes do not cover the cost of a branch, agency banking can help.”
She also stated that becoming an agent has become a means of empowering and reducing unemployment in Nigeria.
“Our commission structure allows an agent to earn up to N500,000 or more per month in commission, including incentives and opportunities for agents to grow their business, which is an attraction to the Closa brand.”
Furthermore, she added, about the risks associated with agency banking in the country and how Access Banks is working to mitigate them: “There are four major risks that we have identified.” These are technological, legal, and fraudulent/reputational in nature.
“Technological Risk.” To avoid software and hardware failures, the bank is investing in new infrastructure with the capacity to absorb minor service disruptions. As part of our onboarding process, the bank’s agents must sign a service agreement outlining each party’s roles and responsibilities.
Agents are also trained on anti-money laundering (AML) and terrorism financing at the point of activation. This training is also held every year to reinforce the dangers and consequences of fraudulent actions. Furthermore, the bank has set a daily maximum limit on the amount and frequency of transactions that an agent can perform. Finally, for effective management, all agents undergo a quarterly risk profiling exercise, “Iheme added.

Access Bank is Nigeria’s largest retail bank, with over 600 branches and over 40 million customers. The bank provides products and services that are tailored to each Nigerian’s lifestyle, regardless of age or demographic.

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