Discover the Joy and Perks of Having a Verve Card!

Discover the Joy and Perks of Having a Verve Card!

by Ololade Adebeshin
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Discover the Joy and Perks of Having a Verve Card!


By: People’s Voice Nigeria | News


Wondering why over 65 million people choose Verve Card for their everyday transactions? It is simple, Verve Card supports its cardholders to enjoy the good life!


With over 65 million users already on board and counting, the promise of a good life is not just rhetoric, it is evidential. Verve Card is more than just a payment method, it is a ticket to a lifestyle of ease and excitement.


Verve Card is the renowned Africa’s indigenous payment card, with a strong Naija heritage and over 15 years of providing unwavering delightful payment solutions to millions of customers in Nigeria and beyond; and the exciting benefits that come with being part of the Verve family are enormous.


First off, say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple subscriptions and hello to uninterrupted fun! Picture unlimited access to your favorite entertainment platforms like Google Play Store, Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Showmax; all seamlessly managed and paid for with your Verve Card, ensuring endless entertainment without any hassle. With your Verve Card, you are not just paying; you are opening doors to a world of entertainment.


But that is not all, Verve Card extends its magic into other aspects of your everyday activities effortlessly. So, whether you’re topping up your Uber wallet for smooth rides or managing subscriptions on Google Play Store, LinkedIn, and TikTok, Verve has got you covered, all in Naira!


Love shopping? Let’s go there! With a Verve Card at hand, you can now get a fantastic 10% discount on your shopping spree at any Addide store. It is the perfect way to save on your purchases while enjoying the wide variety of goods available.


And here is where things get even more exciting: Verve has teamed up with the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASRRA) and Sterling Bank to power the innovative LAG ID. This multi-purpose ID is not just about identification—it opens doors to loans, LAG bus access, train services and a plethora of other benefits, making it an indispensable part of your daily life.


And just when you think you have seen it all, there comes the awkward moment when you have to make payment and you find out you have left your card at home. Even at such awkward moments, Verve card pulls up another cutting-edge solution called Paycode.


With Paycode, you can generate payment codes on the fly, ensuring you are never stranded without access to your funds. Plus, experience the sheer convenience of contactless payments with the Verve Contactless Card; speeding up your checkout process while minimizing physical contact.


Switching to Verve is not just a financial decision—it is a lifestyle upgrade. From unlimited entertainment and shopping perks to innovative payment solutions, Verve Card is your passport to a simpler, faster, and all-around good life.


So, now that you are Verve aware, let’s welcome you to the Verve family. Start using your Verve card or ask your bank for one! Remember to take a moment to confirm it is a Verve Card.

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