Group drags Kogi Gov to court over alleged manipulation of Attah Igala

Group drags Kogi Gov to court over alleged manipulation of Attah Igala

by Ololade Adebeshin
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Group drags Kogi Gov to court over alleged manipulation of Attah Igala


By People’s Voice Nigeria | News


A socio-cultural group of the Igala nation and interest worldwide, the Ane Igala Restoration (AIR), has dragged the Kogi State Governor, Usman Ododo, to an Abuja High court over what it termed using the Atta of Igala for unhealthy political activities capable of fueling misunderstanding and also bringing his highly revered stool into disrepute.


In a writ of summons filed before the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory sitting at Bwari, the suit with the number W/1896/24 has the Attorney General of the Federation, Kogi State Attorney General, the Hon Minister of Steel Development, Kogi State Traditional Council and the Chairman Igala Area Traditional Council as Defendants respectively.


The Claimants in the said suit issued to newsmen in Jos the Plateau State capital yesterday are seeking an Order of the Court restraining the Defendants from manipulating the Atta Igala, prodding him on and causing him to embark on such actions that are meant to further the political or non-cultural interest of the Defendants.


This also includes an order restraining the Defendants from dragging the Atta Igala into all such non-cultural and traditional functions that are capable of bringing the revered stool of the Atta Igala into disrepute and collision with the Igala Nation and people across several states of the Nation whom the Atta Igala reigns over as their Supreme spiritual leader amidst other reliefs.


The Claimants filed two applications, both exparte and Motion on Notice for interim and interlocutory injunctions against the Defendants from causing the Attah Igala and other traditional rulers within his Council to embark on the visitation of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with the purpose of making a political case in favour of the 3rd Defendant, that is the Executive Governor of Kogi State.


The matter which came up for hearing on Thursday had Salifu Oguche Usman Esq. held the brief of Chief Festus Ogwuche for the Claimants, while the Defendants were absent in court.


The plaintiffs seek the following claims against the defendants,


“A declaration that the revered stool of the Attah Igala and other kingship and Chieftaincy stools in the Igala Kingdom, being the traditional kingship offices embodying the spiritual, cultural, historical and traditional essence of the Igala people, imbued with the parent status and royalty of the race, must be preserved in their dignity and integrity at all times,


“A declaration that the Defendants, their servants, agents, and privies cannot drag the stool of the Attah Igala into the turf, murky waters and controversy of politics or be and as a pawn on the chessboard of power mongers, political elites or people in positions of authority for attaining cheap and parochial political ends, or for any reason and under any circumstance whatsoever by any executive occupant of political office except for matters relating with and pertaining to Igala culture and tradition, of which he is paramount king and chief custodian“A perpetual injunction restraining the defendants, their agents, servants and privies from interfering with the culture and traditional essence of Igala land and its people by their various attempts to subsume and regulate these features as part of the political administration of Kogi State without a distinction as to their manifestations, significance and attribution resulting to undue manipulations and negatives influence of the sacrosanct traditional institutions and stools.


“An order compelling the defendants, their agents, servants and privies to recognize, the sacredness and spiritual essence of the Attah Igala’s traditional office and stool, as representing the foremost social cultural deity and traditional authority of the people of the Igala nation, and must be accorded the due known prestige, dignity and respect at all times.


“An order compelling the defendant, their agents, servants and privies from tampering with or doing anything and/or seeking to do anything with the occupant of the stool of the Attah Igala in any manner whatsoever and for whatsoever purpose excepting on matters and issues relating to and pertaining with the traditional instruments of his office and his position as the paramount king and traditional ruler of Igala land in his capacity as the custodian of the history, culture and tradition of the Igala people.”The Claimants informed the court that though the processes have been served on the Defendants, hearing notice for the day’s proceedings weren’t served on the basis that there are some house cleaning applications to be made before bringing the Defendants properly before the court.


The Claimants therefore applied to withdraw motion No. 1324 and 1325 respectively, the same having been overtaken by events. Upon the application, the two motions were accordingly withdrawn and therefore struck out.


The Claimants further applied to have the names of some of the Claimants on record struck off the writ, and the court however directed that the said application should be made formally.


The matter was therefore adjourned to 11th July 2024 for hearing, and the hearing was ordered to be served on all parties.

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