Man Cries Out After Losing Partner, Calls For Protection Over Threat To Life

Man Cries Out After Losing Partner, Calls For Protection Over Threat To Life

by Arikawe Femi
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Man Cries Out After Losing Partner, Calls For Protection Over Threat To Life


By People’s Voice Nigeria | News


Following the unprecedented incident that occurred to Mr. Ogidi Rowland Okwudire of Plot 4b, off Pro Obiageri Street, Prefab, Aladinma Owerri, Imo State, he reports the brutal incident that happened at the Victoria Hotel in Lagos as my queer partner Chief Louis was coming out of the hotel.


Mr. Ogidi Rowland Okwudire



Rowland narrated his experience as a youth and the reasons why he engaged in choosing the same sex as his life partner, saying he has no urge for the opposite sex. According to him, he said, When I was young, I didn’t usually have feelings for the opposite sex; my parents noticed this in me. So, they always encourage me to be female because asexuality is taboo in our land. My parents kept encouraging me till I got married on December 22, 2012. After my marriage, we had children, but the feeling kept coming over me. He further explained that someone can understand me because it’s all about how I feel and my life, so I had a friend called Chidi by name.


After narrating the whole story to Chidi, Chidi said he understood how I was feeling because he also had the same experience. After a fortnight, Chidi introduced me to a club where I met Chief Louis.

Initially, I was not comfortable with homosexual relationships. But Chief Louis loves me so much that he does call me and also assists me in other areas of life. Chief Louis is my gay partner; sometimes we hang out in Lagos. Our relationship is now four years old.


Till this very day on the 15th of January 2022. Chief Louis and I met and had our fun as usual. We never knew that haters had hung around the premises to attack us. As we got to the parking lot of the hotel, we were brutally attacked. It was the intervention of the security that rescued us from a severe beating, and we were rushed to the hospital because of the injuries that we sustained during the massive attack. I had a fracture on my arm and a serious hitting on my stomach, which is attached to this report, while Chief Louis had inner bleeding, which led to his death after two weeks of intensive care in the hospital. These haters keep threatening my life to date, and they won’t stop until they have my life. My life is no longer safe, which is why I had to make this report to the Nigeria Police to safeguard me from the haters’ actions.



Because of the report, he is advised that a copy of the report will be kept in police custody for record purposes.


Attached is a copy of some evidence concerning the incident.


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