Mysterious Red Boxes Hit Lagos Streets – Who’s Painting the City Red?

Mysterious Red Boxes Hit Lagos Streets – Who’s Painting the City Red?

by Arikawe Femi
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Mysterious Red Boxes Hit Lagos Streets – Who’s Painting the City Red?



Red Box here; another Red Box there. It’s not yet Christmas, but there are red boxes everywhere.

What is going on, gaan, gaan?

These are the questions on everyone’s lips, as Lagosians woke up this morning to discover some mysterious, though beautiful, red boxes in several locations across the mega city.

On each of these boxes is a QR Code, with the hashtag, #SpotTheRedBox. This feature gives us a clue that it must be a part of some PR stunt, or brand activation.

Whatever it is, we are waiting.

But we ask: Which brand is painting the city red?


What happens when one scans the QR code?

Curiosity, they say, kills the cat. But that na cat wey no soji. Rather, we are sure these boxes will make us richer with experience, as the delightful red boxes hint at fascinating discoveries for those who are bold enough to find out. 

Maybe it will land whoever scans the QR code some amazing gifts or freebies. Dear Lord, you know… you know… we could all do with some freebies at these special times.

Or will it take the daring one to a website, a portal, or land us in some timeless places with untold wonders and excitement aplenty, such as the metaverse? Hmmm! Who knows?

So, fellas and folks, let’s go out there.

. Scan the QR code. And then come back here and share with us your enthralling experience.


Let us know if you won a million naira, got an all-expense-paid trip to the World Cup in Qatar, or if dem sama you with one red Lamborghini. My imagination is limitless.

Don’t worry, we won’t ask you for our own share (we know, some people na akagum). So, no lele.

As for me, I’m aspirational… I want to go #SpotTheRedBox. Quick, quick.

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