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WRITTEN BY; Jerome Schneider
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In recent times, the BBC Africa Eye has been known for embarking on audacious, dangerous and action-packed documentaries unravelling mysteries all over Africa but the continous maligning of NBM of Africa by BBC Africa is something the African continent and Pan-Africanist should ponder about.


The documentary premiered on 13th of December 2021 about the Black Axe cult group and associating it with NBM of Africa is the second attempt in tarnishing the image of the organisation recently. What baffles me is the character “Uche Tobias” who was wearing the same clothes, mask and even interviewed in the same room in both documentaries. The first documentary which indicted the Germany branch of NBM of Africa was taken off Youtube in less than six (6) hours after it was premiered because of the hatchet job done. It was tagged *”Nigeria’s mafia in Germany”.* The documentary was filled, garnished and decorated with lies and blackmail . I attached a link for your perusal although it won’t open.


It is no doubt that after two (2) weeks of the release of the second documentary and the blatant refusal of BBC Africa to take the documentary off the internet has made it look more like a  MISSION than a documentary. It looks like a mission to deliberately tarnish the image of NBM of Africa. This is an organisation that the members have adopted names of Africa’s past heroes to sustain their positive ideals and promoted the black heritage. Whereas a supposed cult group should use code names, isn’t it?…How ironic!


The BBC Africa got this absolutely wrong especially when the documentary is being anchored by a Nigerian Politican, Gbolahan Peter Macjob who is also a member of another cult group named the Supreme Eiye Confraternity (SEC). The SEC and Black Axe are in constant supremacy war in Nigerian university campuses reason Gbolahan Macjob informed the viewers that the documentary was personal because his childhood friend had died untimely due to senseless cult killings of the Black Axe.


In this defamatory and libellous documentary as described by the Body of Founders of  NBM, Gbolahan Macjob met with masked Black Axe members, a University of Benin lecturer that walks with a sword, a political thug named Tony Kabaka and unmasked representatives of the NBM led by their President yet he chose to believe the masked men, a University lecturer that walks with a sword and agreed to killings with the political hoodlum whose level of illiteracy is rather high. I am wondering why security operatives are yet to arrest him for the murders he confessed to committing.


My close appraisal of this almost one (1) hour long documentary shows that the only genuine interview was that between the representatives of NBM and the journalist even though the journalist had selected a few seconds while editing. The few seconds released was heated and the legal team were fuming in anger. I crave for the full interview please.


Also, other scenes were clips from the numerous insurgency facing Nigeria especially during the endsars 2020 protest in that country, the raid on a South Western Nigerian agitator’s home by Nigeria Security Agencies also known as DSS earlier this year that is all over the internet, street clashes in some parts of Lagos and acting roles by Onyabo, the masked men including Uche Tobias, Tony Kabaka and Dr. John Osazuwa (Lecturer of Political Science, University of Benin) popularly known as Dr. Stone. He was said to have been expelled from the organisation in 2015 and seem to be on a vendetta mission as series of attempt to get back into the organisation has been futile according to the Body of Founders who held a press conference aired worldwide to rebuff the defamatory claims made against their organisation in the documentary.


The fact that the political thug, Tony Kabaka claims to be a born again christian about eight (8) days after the documentary was premiered further shows it was all staged. Tony Kabaka had agreed to be a part of the slanderous documentary so his hotel could be rebuilt and so he could squash whatever issues he had with the present day Edo State government. Yes! My findings says Tony Kabaka had topped the list in the black book of the present Governor of Edo State, Governor Godwin Obaseki until the release of the libellous documentary.


A role in this documentary must have been the ultimatum issued to Tony Kabaka to get his hotel rebuilt and return to the good books of the present day Edo State government. The coincidence is quite unprecedented if you ask me because on the 17th of December, 2021 Kabaka produced a video apologizing to the Edo State Governor named Godwin Obaseki. You can find this video on his facebook page “Kabaka Adun” for your persual.


The truth is some people are aware the threat a Pan-African organisation such as the NBM poises hence the urgent need to bring it to disrepute. Gbolahan Macjob and his cohorts have been hired on this indespicable mission but if truly NBM is a reputable organisation, I look forward to them seeking legal redress in court as the Founders have said in their rebuttal press conference.


Gbolahan Macjob and his cohorts seem to be highly funded as they have over the years created internet websites to malign NBM of Africa. They own and operate www.NBM147watch.com and www.churchloaded.com which spreads false and defamatory facts about the NBM of Africa.


It is imperative to state that the recent interest in bringing this organisation NBM to disrepute occasioned my research into the organisation and why it is often affiliated to the dreaded Black Axe. The NBM was founded by some intellectually radical students at the University of Benin in Edo State, Nigeria in 1977. From my investigations, the organisation Neo-Black Movement of Africa is duly registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. They hold Annual General Meetings like every other meaningful organisation around the world. They embark on charitable activities just like every other non-governmental organisation. You can also make enquiries on their website which is www.nbmworldwide.com


I resolved that their strength in socio-networking worldwide attracts wealthy, well established and influential individuals to become members. Two of the biggest musical artiste in Nigeria (Davido & Burna Boy) are proud members as they often flaunt the organisation’s languages, greetings and signs in their musical videos. This alone has proven beyond doubt that the NBM is non-violent, and not a secret organisation as proclaimed by BBC Africa and Gbolahan Macjob.

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