Eye Witness Account: Rashidi Allegedly Murdered By Eleda Boys In Broad Daylight

Eye Witness Account: Rashidi Allegedly Murdered By Eleda Boys In Broad Daylight

by Arikawe Femi
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Eye Witness Account: Rashidi Allegedly Murdered By Eleda Boys In Broad Daylight


By People’s Voice Nigeria | News


A 28-year-old Rashidi Olayinka, aka Scaly, an expectant father who is a surveyor and staff of Omolamina Global Ventures Limited, was allegedly murdered in broad daylight on Thursday, August 17, 2023, by some members of daredevil cultists led by Ganiu Lateef, aka Eleda, at a burial ceremony held in one of the communities in Eriyo, Ogijo, Ogun State, and his corpse was taken away without remorse.


According to the information gathered by PeoplesdailyInfo, Rashidi and his friend James were said to have attended the 8th day fidau prayer of the late Baba Omoh, Ębi Eriyo former secretary, at the Gbaga Eriyo community, Ogijo, Ogun State.

Unfortunately for Rashidi, he was shot while his friend James narrowly escaped death.


Speaking with a Peoplesdaily crime correspondent two days after the terrible incident, James narrated his ordeal and how he luckily escaped death by a whisker.


“My name is James Anthony from Edo State. On Thursday, August 17, 2023, I and my two friends, Rashidi and Tunde, attended the 8th day fidau prayer for Baba Omoh, who happened to be the former secretary of the Eriyo family, in the Baga Eriyo Community area of Ogijo in Ogun State.”


“Unexpectedly, some boys, almost 20 in number, stomped the burial ceremony, shooting into the air. This scared away a lot of people.”


“Unknown to me and Rashidi since the other person left earlier due to his busy schedule, the unsuspecting boys working for Ganiu Lateef, aka Ęleda, sitting close to us were in a position to hurt us. We knew them, but since we had no issue with them, we had no cause to suspect their hidden motive.”


“Immediately, the bikes and gunmen who also work for Ęleda arrived. The people sitting next to us are Shola Alagbaja, aka SS, a VGN, and Kazeem Okaka, Sodiq Owo-epo, who is from Eriyo, and Epo, who is wanted on the police list, and he works for Ęleda, Nuru, Ajenishe Eriyo, and Baba Asisa, all of whom surrounded and held me and Rashidi.”


Narrating further, he said, “One of the gang leaders, Shola Alagbaja, brought out his own gun and shot Rashidi on his leg. Rashidi fell to the ground, and he went ahead to shoot his hand. I had the opportunity to escape when SS Adura brought out his gun. Due to their concentration on Rashidi, I struggled out of their hands and escaped. I ran inside the bush. It was while in the bush that I overheard Okaka nagging the rest for allowing me to escape.”


They started boasting that nothing would happen and conceived the plot to report to the police DPO of the area.


It was after I escaped that they decided to take Rashidi away after beating him mercilessly, despite the gunshot wound. He begged the people around him not to allow the gang to take him away. One of them, Baale Okaka, then said they were taking him to the police station. And they called the DPO Igode Police Station to inform her of their intention. He added.


Speaking to Mr. Wasiu, Manager of Omolamina Global Ventures Limited, he said he was perplexed when he heard the incident and immediately informed their boss, who called the DPO.


According to Wasiu, the woman, DPO Igodo, confirmed that the Eleda boys actually called to inform her that they were bringing in a suspect to the station, that someone with a gunshot wound has already reported to the station, and she has given him a medical letter to the general hospital.


Manager Wasiu said, My boss asked her to go after the person because he was one of the gang members and the person they shot had been kidnapped.” It was later learnt the gang took Rashidi to an unknown destination and dismembered all the parts of his body. He said.


Reports show that the late Rashidi was once kidnapped by these same Ęleda boys but was rescued by some people who recognised him, and the gang was forced to take him to the same Igodo Police Station and later transfer to Zone 2, where he was exonerated and released on bail.


A community member who hides under anonymity said the police authority should look into the issue and arrest the gang members. He advises the Nigerian police to take the issue seriously and fish out all of them. It’s getting too much. Allowing these boys to move freely and commit nefarious activities in the community is getting more scary. Some of us can’t stay in the Eriyo community anymore. When they finish committing these crimes, they run inside the thick bush and hide, while sometimes some of them still stay back in the community to boast about their freedom.


We plead with the Governor of Ogun State, Governor Dapo Abiodun, IGP Kayode Egbetokun, AIG Ari, AIG in charge of Zone 2, and the Commissioner of Police of Ogun State, CP Abiodun Alamutu, to deploy more new hands to come to our aid, he said.


Some of the gang members who were present at the fidau ceremony and allegedly killed Rashidi are Ganiu Lateef, aka Ęleda the gang leader, Aduragbemi, Aspen-Gbadebo Adisa, Wasiu Olaribigbe, aka Epo, Sodiq, aka Owoepo, Kazeem Okaka, Kazeem Raji, aka KC, Aderogba Adegongon, Rafiu Oyelade, aka Elekumęfa, Morufu Ojoge, Dada Doyin, Akeem Akinola aka Actor, Akeem Kamson, Idris Mashowon aka Alomo, Adepoju aka Gallant, Saka Gbegira, Sakiru aka Shakọ Onimama, Tayo and Selia brothers, Dele aka Ọbonte, Toyin Imisioluwa aka Lemon, Wasiu Onishawa.

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