From Election To Tribunal: How Primate Ayodele Foretold All-Round Victory For Gov. Agbu Kefas

From Election To Tribunal: How Primate Ayodele Foretold All-Round Victory For Gov. Agbu Kefas

by Arikawe Femi
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From Election To Tribunal: How Primate Ayodele Foretold All-Round Victory For Gov. Agbu Kefas

By : People’s Voice Nigeria | News

The election tribunal has just affirmed the election of Dr. Agbu Kefas as the duly elected governor of Taraba state. The court threw out the petition of the NNPP candidate for lacking merit.

Apart from its nature as a political victory, the affirmation by the election tribunal is also a product of a prophetic revelation which came from the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele.

Agbu Kefas has been fighting battles in court since the days of PDP primary election and he has gloriously won them all. He was dragged to court by an aspirant when he emerged as the PDP flagbearer, the case got to the Supreme Court level where he was declared as the valid candidate. His election too didn’t happen easily, there were several plans to thwart his victory but to God’s glory, he defeated every obstacle up to the level of election tribunal.

One constant thing in the midst of these legal battles right from the PDP primary election fracas is the prophetic guidance and strength of Primate Ayodele. Months before the primary election, Primate Ayodele advised the PDP to choose Agbu Kefas as the candidate because God has anointed him to become the next governor of Taraba state.

When the legal issues challenging Kefas’ nomination as the flag bearer began, Primate Ayodele assured that He will win every legal battle before him. He described Kefas as God’s project. The prophet also mentioned that God has ordained him to become the next governor. This was in October 2022.

“PDP will win Taraba, the candidate of the party, Kefas Agbu is God’s project, he will make it better than the governor even though his governor isn’t happy with his candidacy despite the fact that they are in the same party. God has ordained Kefas to rule Taraba, he is God’s project, APC and Labour party cannot win him because he is God’s choice. They should withdraw and support God’s project.’’


In January 2023, Primate Ayodele spoke again and revealed that no matter the circumstances, Agbu Kefas will excel and win the Taraba governorship election.

“The Taraba PDP candidate, Kefas Agbu will excel no matter the circumstances and situation, he will make an impact. PDP will win in Taraba State both in governorship and presidential,” (

Apart from these online publications, Primate Ayodele made two different videos making it known that Taraba state is for PDP and Dr. Agbu Kefas. In one of them, he advised oppositions to stop wasting their money because they won’t get any tangible result from the election.

‘’Taraba state is for PDP, don’t waste your money, that man in Taraba, the PDP candidate is the one that will win. God has ordained him’’ (02/06/2023)


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♬ original sound – Primate Ayodele

As the prophet foretold, the Election Day came and Agbu Kefas was declared winner against all odds.

Again, when the NNPP candidate approached the court to challenge the victory of Agbu Kefas in the election, Primate Ayodele specifically advised him to withdraw because nothing will come out of it.

‘’ In Taraba, the NNPP man going to court is a waste, why can’t you join this government. You can’t win. Taking this man to court won’t amount to anything, there are people you can’t take to court and win’’.

Few days ago, Primate Ayodele commented on the tribunal again, explaining that it is only God that can remove the governor, not the tribunal.

“Tribunal cannot remove Kefas, it is only God that can. Tribunal or any party cannot remove him.’’


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♬ original sound – Primate Ayodele

With the victory of Agbu Kefas at the election tribunal today, it is safe to say Primate Ayodele saw the future a long time ago. His prophecy regarding the victory of the governor over every circumstance has been fulfilled. Indeed, He foretold the all-round victory Dr. Agbu Kefas has just experienced.

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